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Chassis is a mobile robotic beverage delivery system. Remote control allows an operator to drive Chassis as well as operate the beverage spigot and interactive features like eye blinks and Chassis' head-propeller. Inside Chassis is a chilled and insulated beer keg or beverage container and a pressure delivery system to dispense the beverage. A button on the remote control dispenses the drink through the spigot on Chassis' front. An intercom system allows Chassis to interact with people as he is serving: "say when!"
Chassis stands 55 inches high, and is 30 inches wide. His arms extend 15 inches in front of his 32 inch length. He weighs 56 pounds, not including beverages. His soft rubber wheels are non-marking and work on nearly any floor surface including low carpet, and he can navigate pretty much anywhere a wheelchair can, with the exception of steep ramps and wide gaps. (In the case of a robot uprising, there is little to fear as Chassis is unable to climb stairs.)
Chassis was made from a vintage auto repair lubrication station by Bay-area artists Al Honig and Jonathan Foote. Originally designed to dispense motor oil, we have given him an electronic brain and retrofitted him with a beverage-pumping system using pressurized gas. No need to worry about Chassis' greasy orgins: during construction, he was sandblasted down to bare metal, then a durable and sanitary powder-coat finish was baked on. He was then fitted with brand new food-grade plumbing. Except for that and a few specialized fittings, Chassis consists entirely of recycled or refurbished parts.
Chassis is available for parties or other human gatherings where drinks are served.