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Chassis' beverage system can deliver any kind of drinkable liquid. A CO2-pressurized beer tap allows beer dispensing from a smaller-sized aluminum keg. Note that a standard 13.2 gallon beer keg will NOT fit inside Chassis.
Chassis prefers serving 5-gallon "party kegs" (available at BevMo and other distributors) because he has a custom-fitted cooling jacket, and because there is usually less leftover beer depending on the size of your event. A 5-gallon keg serves about 50 12-oz cups. For larger events, Chassis can also use a "pony keg", (i.e. 1/4-barrel or 7.75 U.S. gallons). A pony keg will deliver roughly 80 12-ounce servings or 160 6-ounce servings so Chassis will need sufficient plastic cups. Chassis uses a US Sankey D-System tap that fits nearly all domestic and many foreign kegs. Here is a list of compatible brews. Note that Bass Ale and Anchor Steam beers are NOT compatible with this system. In case of doubt, Chassis prefers Sierra Nevada brand beer which is available in a 5-gallon party keg from Bevmo and is quite tasty as well.
It is very important that the keg is pre-chilled as there is rarely time to chill it before the event and Chassis finds serving warm beer quite upsetting.
For drinks other than beer, a 5-gallon Cornelius ball-lock soda keg allows Chassis to dispense wine, mixed drinks, soft drinks, or water. This can be pressurized with air or nitrogen for wine and other still drinks, or CO2 for Champagne, sparkling wine or sparkling water. Chassis is happy to serve lemonade or fruit juices, but pulp or other solids will clog his automatic valves, so juices must be clear or filtered free of solids. Again, an insulated jacket cooled with iceless freezer packs ensure that Chassis will always deliver a chilled and delicious beverage.

Chassis is unable to verify ID and thus when serving alcohol it is assumed the event host will comply will all regulations concerning licensing and minors.