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Chassis' locomotion system is driven by two electric scooter motors, geared to give him a top speed of about 3 MPH, or slightly slower than a person can walk. Two 7 AH 12V AGC sealed batteries power his drive system and electronics. Chassis' motors are variable-speed and independently reversible, allowing him to move backwards, forwards, steer, and even spin in place. Two casters in addition to the two drive wheels give Chassis a stable base. All motors, power electronics, and batteries are in Chassis' black base, giving him a low center of gravity and leaving his torso free for the beverage system.
Radio control commands generated by a VEX remote controller on RC ground channel 89 (75.970MHz). These are are decoded by a custom AVR Atmega-8 microcontroller board to generate motor drive and interface commands. Motor speed controllers are rebuilt IFI Victor 884 speed controllers. (These were scavenged from a local high school FIRST Robotics team who fried them in competition, and rebuilt with new drive MOSFETs.) Additional remote channels control left and right eyes for winking and blinking, as well as Chassis' head propeller, and the beverage delivery valve.
A 5.8 GHz cordless phone was adapted into a wireless intercom, allowing the remote operator to speak through Chassis' front speaker as well as listen from a microphone. This allows Chassis to be fully interactive and display his distinctive personality.